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Norris Animal Commission is sponsoring: Microchipping for your Pets

Microchip coupons can be purchased at the Norris City Office, 20 Chestnut Drive for $25 each. To have the microchip implanted, you make an appointment at either of the two participating Norris area Vets for $5. The $5.00 fee will be waived, if other services are performed at the time you have the chip implanted.

Norris Animal Hospital 494-5501 - 2683 Andersonville Hwy or

Anderson County Hospital 494-8696 - 2822 Andersonville Hwy

Any additional questions you have please feel free to contact the Norris City office 865-494-7645


Pet Licensing Requirements

(1) Every dog and cat over three months of age having been kept within the corporate limits of the City of Norris at least thirty (30) days shall be required to be licensed yearly.

(2) Licenses shall be issued and sold by the city manager and local veterinarians as designated by the city manager only after the owner presents satisfactory proof that the dog or cat has received, from a licensed veterinarian, an anti-rabies inoculation pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, §§ 68-8-101 through 68-8-114. Each owner shall be provided with a suitable metal or permanent type tag as well as a certificate and receipt for the license fee. Said tag shall bear the name of the City of Norris, a serial number, and shall indicate the year for which issued. The shape of such metal or permanent type tag shall be distinctive and shall be changed from year to year.

(3) The certificate issued with each license tag shall contain the following information concerning the dog or cat:

(a) Owners name, address, and telephone number
(b) Breed
(c) Sex
(d) Age
(e) Color
(f) Markings
(g) Name

A copy of each per numbered certificate shall be retained by the city manager. The veterinarian issuing licenses shall within ten (10) days furnish the city manager with a copy of the issued license.

(4) The license tag shall be securely fastened upon a collar which shall be kept on the dog or cat at all times, and any dog or cat not bearing a license tag shall be deemed to be unlicensed.

(5) In case of the loss of a duly issued dog or cat license tag, the owner shall immediately report the loss to the city manager who shall issue a duplicate or replacement tag.

(6) In order to be charged the spayed/neutered fee, as opposed to the higher nonspayed/neutered fee, proof of the spaying/neutering must be presented in writing from a veterinarian.

(7) The license period under this section shall be yearly from date of issue. (1972 Code, § 3-202; and replaced by Ord. #448, Sept. 1998)

Leash Law

10-208. Dogs and cats running at large is prohibited. It shall be unlawful for any person to allow a dog or cat belonging to him, or under his control, or that may be habitually found on premises occupied by him, or immediately under his control, to be at large (see 10-201(4) for definition of "at large") upon the premises of another, or upon a highway or upon a public road or street.

The foregoing shall not apply to a dog in that section of the City of Norris north of Clear Creek Road from the point of intersection of Norris Dam Reservation to the point where this road intersects the corporate boundary line north of the junction of the Clear Creek Road and Andersonville Road (hunting or chasing is prohibited in all other areas of the city designated as a wildlife sanctuary by title 10, § 10-101). (1972 Code, § 3-208)