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Department of Public Safety

Norris provides its residents with an efficient and well-trained group of public safety officers who provide around the clock police and fire protection. Housed in the Public Safety Building in the Town Center, the Department is equipped with two fire trucks, three police vehicles, and an emergency services vehicle. The Department employs a staff of six full time officers and a Director of Public Safety, all of whom are trained as both police officers and firefighters.

In addition, the full-time staff is augmented by a support force of part time dispatchers, volunteer firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.

Public Safety      (865)-494-0880

Public Safety Director ..........Danny Humphrey

Public Safety Officers...........   John Cuel 
                                                Josh Hoskins

Mike Loveday

                                               Sam Ogburn

          Ricky Roach 

Carl White 
                                                Gary Wood
Public Safety 
  Part Time 
  Dispatchers .......................Debra Bailey

           Gabe Hackler

       Sheila Herren