Norris Police Department 


Non-Emergency/General Police Information:
(865) 494-0880

Message from the Chief of Police

Welcome to the City of Norris Police Department’s web page. We are happy to provide you with some basic information about the department and to share our values with you. 

On behalf of the eight sworn members of your city’s police force, we are grateful to serve in such a wonderful community and we are more than happy to meet your law enforcement needs. We seek to assist our residents, guests, and businesses in keeping the quality of life as high as it is in the city while always working hard to raise that standard by providing a highly-trained, professional, and motivated police force.



I am committed to community policing and will continue to emphasize patrols by vehicle and on foot in order to establish one-on-one personal relationships with residents and business owners. It is a priority for members of this department to work with key stakeholders in the community to build and strengthen our alliances with community groups, churches, and others with an interest in keeping our community peaceful and safe.

Our department will also be more visible in our schools and school zones. We will walk through the schools regularly and we will also be more visible at times when the most innocent and precious among us are making their way to and from school. You may notice increased activity from our officers, but their job is to keep you safe and they can’t do that unless they are out in the community watching over your property and keeping an eye out for those who have poor intentions.

This department will focus on a commitment to excellence as well through an increased focus on training and professional development of leaders within the agency. My goal for the department and your expectation should be a highly functioning professional law enforcement agency that serves all residents and visitors with compassion and fairness. I hope we don’t just meet your expectations; instead, I hope we surpass them.

We can’t protect this community without your help and support. We need your help to report suspicious activity and to slow down on our streets where children play and residents walk. Your support is already felt with the kindness you’ve shown to our officers.

This is your police department. Contact us anytime.

William N. Kain, Chief of Police 



About the Police Department 

The Norris Police Department consists of eight sworn law enforcement personnel, with seven full time police officers and one part time officer. The Police Department is committed to serving all citizens and visitors in a fair and just manner. Officers at NPD exceed the minimum annual training requirements as set forth by the Tennessee Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission in Nashville. Officers took part in more than 560 hours of internal inservice training in 2017, an increase from 2016. This increase in the agency’s commitment to training will pay dividends to the residents and visitors in Norris, giving officers additional tools and developing them professionally. NPD officers conduct patrols of the city’s 7.2 square miles by motor vehicle and on foot. Patrols are routinely conducted in the Norris Watershed and on the TVA’s Norris Dam Reservation.

Department Contact Information

Emergency Number: 9-1-1

Non-Emergency/General Police Information: 865-494- 0880


It is the policy of the Norris Police Department to promote effective and efficient practices towards achievement of the Department’s mission and values. The Norris Police Department has created and adopted a Mission and Values statement, which forms the basis of its service to the community. As such, all personnel shall be familiar with the Department Mission and Values Statement, and use it as a guide when carrying out Department activities and responsibilities. A copy of the Department’s Mission and Values Statement shall be posted at locations within the Department and posted online. The Department’s Mission, Values, and Vision statements are contained within the NPD General Orders Manual under G.O. 2.02A “Mission and Values.”

A mission statement is a statement of how the Department will attain its vision, the basic function and responsibility of the department and a broad statement of the Department's objective in regards to these functions and responsibilities. The Mission Statement reflects the Department's commitment to a philosophy of community policing and professionalism in the delivery of police service, and explains the general purposes and functions of the Police Department in relation to the various communities it serves.

The Vision of the Department originates from the Chief of Police, and is a futuristic statement of principles and traits that the Department sees within itself. The Vision also documents the Department's commitment to these principles and traits.

The values of the police department make up a set of permanent ideals and principles that guide the Department in its everyday endeavors and serve as parameters for accomplishing its mission, goals, and objectives.


The Mission of the City of Norris Police Department is to provide community-based police products to the public so they can continue to experience a safe and peaceful Norris.


The two highest values any law enforcement agency can possess are a commitment to integrity and a dedication to the community served. In Norris, we have high expectations for our police officers both on duty and off duty. Our mission is to provide peace and security and to that end we must maintain the highest of standards.

In carrying out our mission, members of the department will continue to value:

1. Ethics and integrity above all because trust in our officers and agency is of paramount importance.

2. The impartial enforcement of the law and making the best decisions in the interest of justice.

3. The people we serve and each other to make this department the best agency to work for in the county and the best city in the State of Tennessee.

4. Organizational excellence & professionalism to better serve the community and meet its needs.

5. Problem-solving partnerships in order to reduce the need for law enforcement action.

6. Open communication with all members of the community, residents, and businesses.


We are dedicated to maintaining a consistently high quality of life for the citizens of the City of Norris by recognizing and adjusting to the changing and unique needs of our historic community. To that end, we solemnly pledge to partner with our community to commit our resources to resolve problems fairly and to address all police matters with dignity, fairness, and integrity.